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Downloading Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge

Available under the Open Database License

The entire contents of Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge is available here for download as raw data in XML format for anybody who wants to use it for linguistics research, for statistical purposes, and so on. Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge is an open-source dataset and can be reused, without prior permission, under the terms of the Open Database License. If you publicly reuse Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge, this license obliges you to attribute the source (quoting Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge and providing a link to this website will suffice). If you produce and publicly use an adapted or improved version of Foclóir Briathra Gaeilge, this license obliges you to make your adapted or improved version available under a similar open-source license.